A Summary Of A Cultural Informant Interview

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Cultural Informant Interview: Yuu Iwashita The purpose of this paper is to converse with a person from a culture that is significantly different from mine, in order to learn about the differences and similarities between our cultures through intercultural exchange. For this paper, I’ve chosen my roommate, Yuu Iwashita, as my cultural informant. Yuu is a native of Japan, more specifically, Tokyo. At 20 years old, this is his second time studying abroad, however, his first time at Lindsey Wilson College and his first in the U.S. Yuu is set for one whole year at Lindsey. After this time, he will return home. A bilingual speaker, with fluency both in Japanese and English, he claims to know a little Chinese and a little Malay (the national language of Malaysia). Though Yuu didn’t know anything about Christianity before Lindsey, he notes that through on-campus interactions and in-class studies his perspective on religion has changed. Yuu states, “I’m a believer, but not in anything specifically” (personal communication, September 29, 2015). Of the many dishes offered in Japan, Yuu professed that soba is his favorite. Huffington Post (2014) reports, “Soba is the Japanese term for buckwheat, and we typically find soba in noodle form” (“The soba recipes that’ll,” n.p.). His musical tastes align with that of R&B, J-Pop, and Country. Vacation activities most enjoyed by Yuu are going to the beach to stare at the ocean, hiking, sightseeing, visiting amusement parks such as Disneyland,

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