A Summary Of A Short-A Short Story

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Be silent as the mouse, his mother had told him, and so silent he was under the wide night sky. Not that the fish could hear him much, of course. His pirogue drifted slowly across the ocean as he readied his hand, waiting for his first fish. Be silent as the mouse and patient as the rock, she had told him. Of course she wasn 't supposed to tell him anything the days before his first fishing trip. But then neither were the mothers of past times and nobody had said anything then. Ignoring the tradition had in itself become a tradition. And so she had given him the advice he so clearly needed, so that he would not come back empty-handed. Murao had seen what happened to the children that came back empty-handed from their first trip. He didn 't envy them. His hand had begun trembling, and so he steadied his harpoon and mouthed a silent prayer to the Gods. Please let me come home with plenty of fish ... Up among the stars, as if in answer, a light started blinking. Murray was burning through his fifth cigar of the cycle, and the whole ship was now filled with the bitter scent of his tobacco. Carsa had confined him to his cabin in the hope of calming him, but he could see she was as stressed out as him. Everybody was. He damned the ambassador under his breath. If only the god-damn politician had done his job properly. If only he had nodded when asked to nod and knelt when asked to kneel. If only he hadn 't been so proud and scornful, an agreement might have been reached. Who

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