A Summary Of All Quiet On The Western Front

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1. One example of change over time are the ways of warring. We have killed our fellow man in times of war, with stone, swords and axis to unmanned drones flown by a person halfway around the world. The example of continuity is the holidays and festivals throughout the centuries. The Roman Emperor Constantine converted to the Christian religion and not wanting to offend the citizens of the Roman Empire, he celebrated Christian holidays on the days of Roman holidays. "The pagans in Rome celebrated their Thanksgiving in early October. the holiday was dedicated to the goddess of the harvest, Ceres and the holiday was called, Cerelia. Catholic Church took over the pagan holiday and it became well established in England, where some of the pagan customs and rituals for this day were observed long after the Roman Empire had disappeared. In England the 'Harvest Home 'has been observed continuously for centuries."…show more content…
The events surrounding the creation of All Quiet on the Western Front, the authors start at the age of 16 to to write. Even though as a pacifist he served in the Army on the Western front until he had received severe wounds. he was wounded by shrapnel spent the rest of the war in a German hospital. Having spent time on the Western front he expresses his personal experiences through his characters. this work of fiction was not well received throughout Germany. The German people felt he had over stated the horrors of war to further his pacifist belief. They felt he was a traitor to his nation and the Nazi government burned all his
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