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As shown in figure 1. Arroz Caldo is a type of rice porridge prepared with ginger and black pepper and commonly served with chicken and hard-boiled egg. Arroz Caldo is indeed a wonderful way to warm anyone’s stomach. Most people would possibly mistaken that Arroz Caldo is some other dish that the Spain passed on to the Filipinos during its regime mainly because of what it’s called. But this dish without a doubt came from a Chinese congee, which is type of rice porridge popular in Asia. It became what it is because it was altered to suit the taste of the Spaniards that settled in the Philippines who also frequents Chinese eating places. They are also the ones responsible for naming it Arroz Caldo, which actually translates to rice broth.
Lugaw is the Tagalog translation for congee. This also possessed a great similarity to a Chinese-style congee. However, lugaw is generally thicker and keeps the original form of the rice, showing with a similar mouth feel and texture. It is prepared and boiled together with shreds of fresh ginger and is served topped with chopped
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Arroz caldo is more famous among different provinces, in the Philippines and often consumed with the addition of ingredients readily available within the region. Arroz Caldo also translates to warm rice. This is a kind of congee that is a direct comparison to an Italian risotto. It was always been a favorite Filipino option for breakfast and snack. Even though Arroz Caldo came from Chinese congee, the call was changed by the Spaniards mainly because to its pronunciation troubles. Arroz Caldo, lugaw and goto often comes together but it can be differentiated by the ingredients used to prepare it. Arroz caldo is prepared using of chicken as its meat, while goto typically requires beef tripe or pork intestines while lugaw, on the other hand, is prepared as plain as

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