A Summary Of Artemisia Gentileschi And Saint Catherine Of Siena?

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Artemisia Gentileschi and Saint Catherine of Siena are two women in history that had perseverance and strength during a male dominated society in Rome, which can be seen in their legends (histories), popular memories, and presentations. Artemisia Gentileschi was born on July 8th, 1593 in Rome (Bissell, 153). Artemisia had an artistic upbringing due to her father, Orazio Gentileschi being a Tuscan painter. When Gentileschi’s mother died, Orazio raised and provided for Artemisia and her siblings. Although uncommon at the time, Gentileschi trained in painting and became a sensation in the craft. In addition, Gentileschi painted several artworks for her father and sold some of her own works. (Cohen, 49). Her style compares to Caravaggio’s dramatic, strong lighting (tenebrism), and realistic style. However, Gentileschi’s artistry is not as well-known as Caravaggio’s but rather her rape is more known in popular memory. Moreover, due to being a woman and having a famous rape trial, this overshadowed her very successful artistic career. Gentileschi’s rape occurred during her teenage years, which was considered the marrying age. Orazio had a woman, neighbor, Tuzia watch over Gentileschi due to her not having any maternal protection. Agostino Tassi a potential suitor for Gentileschi visited the family’s house on occasion (Cohen, 49). Tassi known as having many relationships with women found Artemisia and Tuzia working on a painting in one of the rooms. According to legend, Tuzia
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