A Summary Of Baseball In Schools

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A lot of schools have that one sport that gets favoritism over all other sports and they get more money to provide for better lockers and gear to wear. Well, lacrosse started at my school around twelve years ago while baseball has been there since the school’s founding. To say the least lacrosse wasn’t getting fairly treated by the administration because they had no winning record and no long standing tradition of winning like our baseball team does. We used footballs old jerseys and helmets and bought all of our own equipment other than that; while baseball got new uniforms, gloves, and bats all provided for by the school. Baseball would finish their practices before us and come into the locker room, we were forced to share with them, and track red clay everywhere and there were even cases of…show more content…
Then lacrosse would get blamed for making the locker room being dirty even though it had clearly been baseball because the lacrosse players don’t go anywhere near the red clay that the baseball players play on. So, myself and a few others went to our principal and complained about the unfair treatment but nothing was really done about it. It was only a very minor issue in his eyes and something that could easily be worked out between the coaches without the interference of the principal. Things continued to steadily get worse until one day I saw a baseball player putting my goalie in a headlock and I kind of lost it. I pulled the player off of my goalie and went to the athletic director to tell him what had happened. I told him that if we had a winning season this year then we deserved to at least have our very own locker room. He consented and said he had already been planning on making the junior varsity locker room into the lacrosse locker room and the varsity locker room into the baseball locker room and if we managed to get a winning season it would help him push that agenda through. We ended that year barely beating our last opponent for a nine wins eight
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