A Summary Of Calcium Carbonate

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1.1 Procedure
To determine the percentage of Calcium carbonate (CaCO3 ) in a given toothpaste sample, containing CaCO3,back titration is carried out using 0.16M of hydrochloric acid(HCl) and 0.08M of sodium hydroxide (NaOH).
First, 10ml of standard HCI solution was drawn using a transfer pipette. Certify that the meniscus was read correctly. The drawn solution of 0.16M of standard HCl was then pipetted into a clean conical flask, that was prepared by washing with distilled water. Any droplets of HCI suspending from the pipette tip was removed by tapping against the inner walls of mouth of the conical flask. The remaining solution in the pipette tip was not meant to be forced out as that have already been taken into consideration when the pipette was made.
Secondly, the container containing the toothpaste was then placed at the center of the analytical balance. The analytical balance was tared to zero. Applying indirect weighing, an estimated weight of 0.1g of toothpaste was removed with the use of the glass rod. Ensure that the glass rod was cleaned and dried before usage. The weight of the toothpaste removed was recorded on the datasheet provided. The glass rod with the weighed toothpaste was then placed the previous conical flask and the toothpaste was displaced completely from the glass rod. Extra attention and caution is required when transferring the weighed toothpaste as the toothpaste can be easily smeared at the inner walls of the neck of the conical flask. The

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