A Summary Of Dunaway In Baseball

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In Green bay, Wisconsin, at a softball facility, on January 23rd, Seriena Dunaway was playing in a softball league. Dunaway was playing against Elite, her team 's biggest rival. The air was cool and the playing turf was rough and hard to run or slide on. The people in the crowd could see the tension. The music was loud and seemed out of place. Dunaway had drove the ball over the shortstop 's head and had rounded second, it had been a close play, so she slid into third. The umpire, strong and confident, stood up and called her out. Tears rushed down the young girl 's face, as the coach, coach Dalfino, yelled at her saying, “This is no circumstance to cry.” The athlete had walked off of the field, limping in pain. Seriena’s team had two games that day so, once the second…show more content…
Mindi had been hoping that it had been just a little pull in a muscle or maybe a slight sprain. Dunaway had reached the x ray room and got all of her x rays done. Once the x rays were done, Dunaway and Mindi were then transferred into the waiting room to get results. The nurse came back with a big box, Mindi and her daughter had exchanged looks and Dunaway said, “This can’t be good.” Mindi agreed and just sat there nervously. The nurse smiled gently and gestured to the big box that she was carrying. The nurse said, “What size are you going to need?” Dunaway glanced at the box again, realizing that the mysterious box was a box of crutches. Dunaway responded, “Uh.. uh.. a.. a.. medium.” The nurse sat down, “Ok, so here’s the scoop, you are going to need to get an MRI because we can see in your x ray that there is a tear in your left knee.” Dunaway looked as if she was going to cry, this was bad news. Mindi and Dunaway left the office, getting ready for the MRI. It was later confirmed that the MRI showed a slight tear in the left knee, just like the nurses had thought. The girl had to recover from the injury for 2 months and a year of therapy. Reporting live from Los Angeles, thank you
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