A Summary Of Edmund Burke's Contributions Before The American Revolution

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Before the American Revolution, most colonists had traveled from England to the North American colonies considering themselves citizens of the British empire and seeking a better life. However, actions taken from the Continental Congress have begun to question British power. After the French and Indian War between France and Britain, the British government have abused their power and authority towards the colonies by taxing them without representation. As a result, between 1750-1766, the colonies of America have united and decided to declare independence from Great Britain to become a successful, self-developed nation. On the rise of a becoming an independent nation, the Thirteen Colonies needed to become united in order to accomplish this goal. One person who advocated to unite the colonies to separate from Great Britain was Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin would soon become one of the Founding Fathers, but his efforts before were remarkable. He had created a form of a political cartoon that shows a snake broken into pieces with the colonies abbreviated and a…show more content…
His name was Edmund Burke who supported the idea of the American Revolution. Parliament was the lawmaking body of England and a huge problem for the colonists as well. As a member of Parliament, Burke had to take a huge risk to take to oppose Parliament itself. In February 3, 1766, Burke spoke his Notes for a speech in Parliament which was basically the geographical barrier between the America and Great Britain. In a way, Burke did have a good reason to let America have their independence. Reason being is because Burke says that “vast quarter of the globe, separated from us by a mighty Ocean?”, meaning that why be in control if the colonists are so far at reach. Edmund gives an option to give America its independence because of how far it is to the English Parliament, however it is not going to pass
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