Kemble Vs. Butler

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The marriage of Fanny Kemble and Pierce Butler foreshadowed the coming conflict that would divide the country. It showed the stark difference in the two groups one against and one advocating for. Fanny Kemble was a compassionate, independent, intelligent, understanding, and out spoken British women with many talents. After their divorce was granted, Pierce Butler found himself deep in debt, to pay these debts his salves were assessed for selling. These families knew that they were being separated and this was the weeping time. Though immediate families were not separated the extended families and the sense of their community was not kept together. Fanny Kemble was under the assumption that the slaves were well taken care of. However when she arrived to the island, she witnessed a different story. She was told and witnesses the deplorable conditions that they lived, the abuse and rape of the women and the high infant mortality rate. This lead to strengthen her convictions and…show more content…
That donating and setting up organizations to help people escape slavery, educate them, and try to keep them from falling back into slavery. Considering I have many liberal friends many people, who are activists in their communities are not shocked and know that this is an issue in the world. Some people are too absorbed into their own lives to care about another person’s misery or misfortune. Some had no clue and were appalled. “How can it really be that bad and we don’t know about it?” but what it came down to it they have no idea how to help or what would help. There is no one simple answer to what will end slavery for good. It may take sanctions and trade embargos against products coming from those countries. Harsh punishments for the people or companies behind the enslavement of these people, and funding organizations to help current and former
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