What Is The Meaning Of Shooting An Elephant By George Orwell

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Human kind has evolved in many societies and types of living. Around the world we can found a lot of cultures, philosophies, rules and governments. Through history, every person who decided to investigate and studied the past can learn about the situations that affected our timeline. For example, in this comparative paper, were going to analyze, using literature reflections, some aspects that describe a remarkable country in the world; England. The British Empire has been one of the most richest and powerful government on Earth. It is remembered and respected by its achievements, scientist advantages, philosophers, writers, monarchy and dominant economy. Although, world power, soon or later, if is not able to transform and redefine itself to achieve common…show more content…
During this period, the world passed through several events that marked its way forever. Formerly, it was a century of industrial improvements, medical advances, scientific discoveries and economic transformation. Despite all of this progress, human kind also met pain, deception, hunger and war. Shooting an elephant is a story that unmasks a cruel reality hidden behind the British glory and successfulness. Immediately, it presents the government inequality and pressure upon people. The protagonist is an officer who describes the empire weakness and unfairness towards poor and foreign communities. Simultaneously, his story contrasts the political duty with the individual ethic, emotional and moral formation. After all, this man was forced to choose between conserving another man instrument for living or kept his own prestige and appearance. Consequently, by killing the elephant, his action shows that political people built their power system on a terrifying platform that speaks about progress, protection and help but acts without empathy and mercy, even though they know and can implement the correct way to
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