Who Was Gogol Alone In America Summary

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Knowing the fact that the Gangaulis belong to Calcutta and that he is one of the few Gingilis living in America, Gogol becomes restless. He is able to identify himself with the host culture where he is born and brought up but is not able to identify himself with the Gngulis living in Calcutta. One of the incidents in his life makes him aware that his roots are not here where he lives but in somewhere else. Once, during his project works, the peculiarity of his name becomes apparent. The students go the graveyard and he knows that he is different from his fellow students. To Gogol`s surprise they are told not to draw the grove stones, but to rub their surfaces.................... Gogol is old enough to know that there is no Gangulis here. He is old enough to know that he himself will be burned, not buried, that his body will occupy no plot of earth that no stone in this country will bear his name beyond .(69) The children’s visit to the graveyard for a project horrifies Ashima and instantly Questions “What type of field trip has this? Only in America are the children taken to cemeteries in the name of…show more content…
At the same time it is remains with the people who are lead their lives in two worlds at the same time. The most important thing is that the ambiguity of name cannot be answered just by changing the name on record. The multiple and diverse order one lives in today has put one in great problems in this globalized and multi-cultured world. Now-a-days, a globalized has already evolved and automatically it should combat with the world of heterogeneous societies who do not wish to transform quickly. Let one hope that this will come to an end soon and people forget certain elements of identify such as food, clothes, language, religion and other petty thengs. Only then can one lead a peaceful life in this multi-cultured practical society on a global
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