Short Summary Of Hatchet By Gary Paulsen

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Introduction Paragraph: Do you believe you can survive when you got on a land without people living, the no human land? I think I cannot really survive in those area. Also, I did not know a person can live. However, my mind changed after reading "Hatchet" by Gray Paulsen. I have a memory that I listened to this story when I was in primary school by my English teacher. I clearly can remember that it made me think life's importance is very high and so as now. Summary: After a plane crashed, a boy was stranded in the woods alone with a hatchet and no survival skills. He thought about the divorce, the secret. His mother went out with other man. He soon found himself helpless and hopeless in the woods, but he decided that he will do whatever it took to survive. He faced many challenges. After a storm blew and resurfaced a part of the airplane, he remembered there is a emergency survival kit in the…show more content…
The pilot gave him a very brief flying lesson. Suddenly, the pilot seemed to be suffering pain in his shoulder, arm, and stomach. At first Brian did not think it is very serious, but after the pilot began jerking in his seat it became clear that he had a heart attack. Brian did not know what to do and eventually heart stoped. Brian was forced to take over the controls, but finally the plane crashed into a lake in the Canadian woods, where Brian is stranded. Luckly, Brian manages to live. With his trusty hatchet at his side, Brian finds some berries and meets a bear in the woods. And he survived by many skills that he did not know before, but learnt in there. During surviving, he tried kill one self, but considered again and did not give up. After it, Brian found a emergency transmitter in the bag, but Brian puts it aside after flipping the switch on it a few times and hearing nothing. He assumeed that it was broken when the plane crashed. But, no it was not. Suddenly a plane landed and a pilot rescued
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