A Summary Of Jamaica Kincaid's Girl

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As a child, I was always the kid that would much rather ride bikes with the boys then play with dolls. I remember one girl from my class asked me “ are you a boy or a girl”, when I said that I did not want to play house and that I would rather play cars with the boys. I saw the other girls in my class and I realized I was different from them. They did not like anything I enjoyed doing and vice versa. I grew up never fitting in with the other girls in my school. As I got older I was labeled into the tomboy category. I grew up having this concept of how women/girls are supposed to act. I think that is the same thing Jamaica Kincaid addresses in her short story “Girl”. The narrator lists everything that girls are required to do. From household …show more content…

Even though the problem of women having to fit into this category is not that big of a problem in this century. However, there is a problem of women having to look like certain way to fit into this idea of what women should look like. There is this idea that a women has to look a certain way in order to be beautiful. I have become very vocal on this matter because I truly believe that every women is beautiful. I relate to Tessie Hutchinson from the story “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson. The story is about a small village that gather every year to have a lottery. Everyone picks out a paper from a bag and whomever gets that black spot get stoned to death. Tessie was the only one who spoke up against the tradition. She tried to fight the system and try to convince everyone that the process was not fair. She kept saying “It wasn’t fair” (629). I like to believe that I would stand up for something I believe in no matter the consequence. Another character I relate to is the narrator of from the story “A & P” by John Updike. This story is about a boy who works grocery store who kind of becomes obsessed with the three girls in bathing suits who come to the

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