James Franco's Hungry Girl

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James Franco has been accused of sexually exploitative behavior by 5 different women. These women were taking acting classes In Studio 4 an acting and film school run by James Franco and also other classes he taught like UCLA, USC, CalArts and NYU. Majority of the incidents happened during nudity scenes that the women were chosen to be in with Franco. The official theory I would be testing is that everyone likes to believe that James Franco is guilty. But how sure can they be? There isn’t any real proof that he did what he 's being accused of. Here is an example of the things that he is being accused of “As part of Tither-Kaplan’s experience in the Sex Scenes class, she and her partner created a short film, “Hungry Girl,” which shows her topless…show more content…
That 's the main point of the class to have experiences and the exposure in this type of situations. Acting classes are about exposing yourself putting yourself in uncomfortable situation if you don 't like that, then don 't take the classes. When it come to seaxuall assult or any time of assault that people hear of, they are like okay if this is considered sexual assault then if i found myself in a situation of where i felt this way then that means i 've been assaulted. But the claims that have been made so far prove nothing because it 's all based on the class not the person whos is being…show more content…
Remember the time you pushed my head down in a car towards your exposed penis & that other time you told my friend to come to your hotel when she was 17? After you had already been caught doing that to a different 17 year old?”(Twitter). There are people out their that have been sexually abused by the person that they have been in a relationship with. In this case they were in her car, she knew the type of relationship she got herself into which was all based on pleasure. When in comes to past accusations, that he even admitted to it. The only thing he may Be at fault with is by taking his acting classes to serious. And people misunderstanding the meaning of sexual behavior. Their are people in hollywood who are much more accused of and people are focusing the small accusations that are being made, when their are bigger problems out their. For all we know these women could be lying just to put their names out their. We’ve seen it happen before, so what makes you think that this wouldn’t be it? Some people take it in them to let people know as soon as possible of the situations that are happening in classes, if they would have said something sooner they could have prevented that he stopped teaching or they would have helped him changing his teaching way and the way he should act with his female

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