A Summary Of Josephine Leonides

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Josephine Leonides is the youngest member of the family. She is twelve years old and is described as a strange-looking child with a moon-shaped face and a rather unfortunate personality. Josephine 's brother and sister, Eustace and Sophia, are good-looking, Josephine got her looks from her grandfather. She is educated at home because her grandfather does not allow her to attend school. Some members of the family feel that she should be sent to school to have the opportunity to interact with other kids.

Charles Hayward is the narrator and a criminologist. He in love with Sophia Leonides. He met Sophia in Egypt towards the end of the war. After coming back from the war, he hopes to propose to Sophia to marry him. But destiny has some trials in store before the Charles can win Sophia 's heart. Sophia 's grandfather, Aristide Leonides, has been murdered by someone in the house; she tells Charles that she can never marry him, until she finds the truth about her grandfather 's death. When his wife-to-be grandfather is murdered, Charles Hayward persuade to find out the truth, intruding the disarm, bitterly divided home shared by three generations.

The conflict that Josephine faces is that her grandfather won 't let her things what she want to do. Josephine also feels like an outcast and she develops old habits. However, rather than minding her own business, she takes great pleasure in spying on her family member and making notes in a little black book. Most of the family,

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