A Summary Of Maloney's A Lesson Before Dying

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Mary waited for her husband Patrick to arrive eagerly but with patience, she takes it upon herself to keep her home clean and tidy. Maloney was one calm 6-month pregnant lady, even with the tension that was being brought up between her husband and her. Patrick rejected a few offers from his wife such as slippers and food, leading to an abrupt ask for the divorce. Which quickly escalated, into a messy situation. When Patrick arrives home, he appears to be lacking conversation. He continuously rejects Mary when she offers him different items, when she offered him cheese he was dry and said “No.” when she said she’d bring cheese and crackers he mentioned again a negative reaction and said, “ I don’t want it.”(Dahl 1) Between the clinking of the ice in his glass, you could realize that tension was growing between the back and forth small talk. She began to worry after he asked…show more content…
Mary brought it up to the living room, he once again rejected her trying to give him food by saying he would be going out. (2) She suddenly swung the frozen leg of lamb at his head knocking him down, thinking of her consequences of killing her own husband. Mary didn’t care what the penalty was for her but she was pregnant and it worried her what would happen with her child.(2) She quickly thought about putting the leg of lamb in the oven and preparing to go out. (2) Mary began to practice what she would say to Sam the grocery man and how she would say it, from her “hello” to her smile, it would all have to be natural. (2) When she started to head back home she thought of everything that had to be done, she thought about it rapidly. Whatever she had to do, she had to do it in the most natural way possible. (2) When she arrived she dropped to the ground beside him and cried, this was natural. She contacted the police and they rushed over to their colleagues home.
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