A Summary Of Maria Montessori's Comparison

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There are many similar and different ideas between General Colin Powell 's speech Kids Need Structure and Maria Montessori’s Dr. Montessori’s Handbook. Their opinions are on opposite spectrums. Powell believes that applying structure is the key to nurturing children, while Maria Montessori thinks that the best way to treat a child is with respect and allowing many freedoms. There is great disparity between Colin Powell and Maria Montessori’s views about the actions a teacher should take in order to sufficiently educate a child. Powell believes teachers should be strict and obeyed without question. For example, Powell says that there should be “ only three possible answers: yes sir; no sir; and no excuse sir”. This shows that Powell values…show more content…
In her handbook, Montessori explains that a teacher “should never be the obstacle between the child and his experience.” This shows that she wants children to live their lives freely and without hindrance to their successes. Montessori believes that children should solve problems for themselves, not have a teacher intrude upon their thought process. She wants children to be able to rely on their teacher to help them when necessary and allow them to learn and think for themselves, which would let them to expand their understanding of the world and lead a successful life in the future. Also, Montessori explains that “we try to force them to follow us without regard to their special needs.” As a result, children can feel inferior or lesser when compared to their teachers or adults. Montessori brings light to this in hopes to accommodate all children and their possible needs. She believes that catering to these children could ultimately bring happiness or joy in a child’s life. Although he disagrees with her about many other things, Powell expresses his similar desire for the best inter children. In Powell’s speech, he talks about how “‘we’re not getting our kids the proper start in life.” This shows that Powell wants the children to have a proper start in life. This sentiment is important because it shows that he cares about the entirety of a children 's’ lives, and that he wants their lives to go as smoothly as possible. Powell also uses his resources as a general to help children get better schooling, which is expressed when he shares “I 'm working with all the energy I have to sort of communicate this message that we need preschool, we need Head Start, we need prenatal care.” This shows that Powell believes that there should be more options for children before they go into school. He thinks there should be opportunities that help children
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