Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis

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Metamorphosis is a very unique novel and is written by Franz Kafka. It is about the transformation of Gregor Samsa an insect. Gregor has no idea why this has happened to him. He discovers his transformation after waking up late for work one day. He finds his back is now armored and his belly is brown, both characteristics of an insect.
Gregor is a traveling salesman and thinks that this can 't be real. At first, he figures he simply overworked. Unfortunately, it 's not a dream. He figures he has even bigger problems as he 's late for his train ride. Gregor was supposed to take the 5 o 'clock train, but it 's already 6:30 and the last train leaves at 7.
At that point, he 'll be late and his boss will come pounding on his door with a doctor.
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She randomly opened Gregor 's door one day and noticed him. Then, every day after that she would disturb him at least once. Later, the family got three tenants who lived in one room of the apartment. They demanded extreme tidiness and so all the random junk of the apartment ended up in Gregor 's room. After dinner one evening, Gregor’s sister is playing the violin. Gregor enjoys the play and moves into the main room.
The door to his room was accidentally left open by the new cleaning lady. When the tenants saw Gregor, they immediately gave notice that they were moving, and refused to pay for the time they had already stayed. Then, Gregor 's sister stated that they had to cut of Gregor. They all agreed with the father when he pathetically wailed “if he could just understand us”.
This is a bit comedic since the father is the one who didn 't understand Gregor. Gregor understood them perfectly. Gregor felt his pain subsiding and breathed his last breath. When the cleaning lady came the next morning, she found Gregor 's lifeless carcass and informed the household. The three tenants came out of their room to see what the commotion was. Angry, Mr. Samsa tells them to get out of his house and they leave. Then the family takes a tram ride and feel quite happy with themselves. Their jobs are good and they 're excited to find a new
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