A Summary Of Mulk Raj Anand's Untouchable

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A distinguished doyen of Indo Anglican literature, Mulk Raj Anand is eminent for his realistic, socialistic and sympathetic presentation of the perennial problems of the poor and the pariah through his literary works. Mulk Raj Anand, a pioneer of Indian writing in English, has received worldwide recognition and acclamation for his note of socialism and humanism. He started writing at the moment when India was in the grip of colonial rule; the country was experiencing the evil of imperialism. As a prolific writer of social consciousness and political awareness, he could not help faithfully mirroring the society; poverty, illiteracy, superstition, religious hypocrisy, political upheaval, the caste system and untouchability became the staple of Anand’s…show more content…
Apart from giving vent to the aspects of colonized India in his debut novel, Untouchable he is sincere in depicting the sub-colonialism that was running correspondingly in Indian society giving birth to a plethora of plights and predicaments for the subaltern/other. As an iconoclast, Anand spoke against exploitation, oppression, discrimination, inequalities and injustices prevalent in society; the indubitable impulse of Mulk Raj Anand to write for the proletariat and the outcaste was triggered by social, political and human causes. The novel is a reliable record and a true transcription of the pathetic plight of untouchables who were subjected to immitigable indignities due to their social inferiority and lowly origin.

Subaltern Studies and Untouchable:-
Subaltern Studies which was introduced around 1982 aimed at recapturing history for the

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