A Summary Of No Ordinary Joe

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“Don 't make a permanent decision for your temporary emotion”. This quote speaks volumes when analyzing one’s daily activities and how decision making is an influential piece to those activities. Human beings are obligated to make decisions every day--some that are made impulsively--but they do not at all reflect one’s actual character. Many people often often predetermine one’s character/morality based off of an incautious decision, but remain oblivious to the reasoning behind the choice that was made. Although one’s choices can be either detrimental or benign to their lives, they have no correlation with their true disposition. Often one makes an ill advised decision to protect the ones that they love. In “Mama and Her Bank Account” it proclaims, “ ‘In all my life, I never been inside a Bank.’ And when I didn’t--couldn’t--answer; Mama earnestly said:’Is no good for little ones to be afraid--to not feel secure’”. One will often make a decision that others see as ill-mannered, in order to protect their loved one’s sense of security. Although the narrator of “No Ordinary Joe” has views that one can make ill advised decisions that can be detrimental to one’s character. It states , “Lemarkits said he had been tortured by the thought that he got to live and Harry didn’t...Lemarkits got out of jail for distributing cocaine”. This quote shows how a person made an ill advised decision and it had an affect on his character, but when one looks at people of high caliber like the
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