A Summary Of Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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Unfortunately, I knew that Odyssey would choose me along with a few other crewmen to come along with him to explore the Island of the Cyclopes. He has always trusted me and knows I will have his back, however, Odysseus, master of many exploits always tends to get himself into trouble. Hopefully this will not be one of those times. The other crewmen chosen for the journey and I watch as Odysseus’s grabs a skin of wine he had gotten from Maron, Euanthes’ son, a priest of Apollo, lord of Ismarus, because he had rescued him, his wife, and kids. Then we all board a small boat and make our way to probe the natives living there. On land, we come upon a cave that seems to be empty. Odysseus, of course, wants to search the cave and steal the food and supplies while the…show more content…
Asking for a gift from a Cyclops when we had just raided his cave is probably not the best idea. This thought of mine was proven correct when the cyclops said, ‘you must be a fool, stranger, or come from nowhere, telling me to fear the gods or avoid their wrath!’ I guess Odysseus is not getting that gift he was so curious about, and because we had decided to stay in this black hole that was in fact closing in on us quickly, a lot of blood will be shed. Many of our crewmembers claim that he is a fantastic leader, which he is, but he needs to learn how to not take things too far. The cyclops and him continue to argue and then more it went on, the more I started to feel like this is the end. As if the universe is reading my thoughts, the cyclops huge hands come reaching towards the group of us all pilled on top of each other and reach towards the two men directly on my left and right. The cyclops’s huge eye seemed like it was inches away from my face. When he pulled away, both of his hands were occupied by the crewmen, their shouts piercing my ears making sure I will never forget how they
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