A Summary Of Oedipus The King

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Oedipus proved to be an extremely curious man who was constantly seeking answers, but regardless, when he was told the information he sought by someone else, he always refused to acknowledge it. Oedipus often had the answers he searched for right in front of his face. Yet somehow, he managed to dismiss all of them completely, because he did not like the idea of them. For one, after Creon tried to deny Oedipus’s accusation against him, instead of listening to what Creon had to say, Oedipus chose to ignore it and insult him by telling Creon, he had the, “art glib of tongue, but [Oedipus was] slow to learn from [him]; [as Oedipus] kn[ew] too well [Creon’s] venomous hate” (Sophocles and Storr 547-548). Oedipus was literally refusing to believe a word Creon said, because in Oedipus’s mind, Creon was King Laius’s killer. Creon repeatedly denied the accusations Oedipus bellowed at him, and yet Oedipus paid no attention to that, notwithstanding the fact that he had virtually no evidence to prove his theories. Comparably, when Oedipus implored Tiresias to tell him who Laius’s killer was, despite Tiresias’s promising, Oedipus did not actually want to know. Since Oedipus insisted, Tiresias told him, but as he had predicted, Oedipus did not believe him and grew hostile. Tiresias became annoyed at Oedipus’s foul behavior, quickly asking if Oedipus had “miss[ed any of his] words? Would [Oedipus] force [him] on?... [Creon] [said Oedipus was] the murderer of the man whose killer

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