A Summary Of Philip Caputo's A Rumor Of War

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A Rumor of War by Philip Caputo shows the hard work and difficult tasks the men had to go through to prove themselves and protect their country. The war will change the men’s attitudes and the way they do everything. Men made sacrifices in the Vietnam War most people would never make in a lifetime, they will not just sacrifice but push themselves physically harder than most any other men. The men will also emotionally change from constantly watching other men die, or killing other men. The mens first kill was always the hardest for them, mentally they had so many thoughts of the other mans close ones back home and what they would go through and how it would be all their fault. Men went through so many tasks during the Vietnam War physically and mentally. The beginning chapters focus on training for war and being prepared for the worst. For example, when there is a sergeant in a room with the marines. The sergeant walks to the chalk board and writes “AMBUSHES ARE MURDER AND MURDER IS FUN” (36-37). The…show more content…
Caputo is informed there is two Viet Cong men preparing and trying to kill him and his men. As things go on Caputo begins to think to himself how he will get the two Viet Cong men. Caputo say aloud around his men “ I’m going to get those bastards,” (314). Caputo and his men believe they know where the two men are as Caputo has talked the men into getting after these two Viet Cong men. The men have to go to the Ville to find the men and are starting to worry if they were to get in trouble for doing something they are not supposed to do and not ordered to do. It is said “We’ll just say they walked into your ambush. Don 't sweat that. All the higher-ups want is bodies.” (315). This is said when one man asked what they were to do if they kill the men even though they are not supposed to be in that place. The two Viet Cong men were found and killed. Caputo and his men would go to court to possibly be put in prison for murder. They were not found guilty and were
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