A Summary Of Propionibacterium Acnes Strain

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(Voucher specimen No. 1246). Propionibacterium acnes Strain (MTCC 1951) was procured from (MTCC) IMTECH, Chandigarh. Preparation of extracts and fractions The plant materials were dried and ground to a coarse powder. The ground plant powder (300 gm) was extracted with (80%) methanol by soxhelation for 48 hours. The extract was filtered through Whatman filter paper and concentrated under reduce pressure and transferred to pre weighed China dish and stored in vacuum desiccators until constant weight was obtained. The antimicrobial screening of extracts was laid down for further purification of potent extract. The potent extract was successively macerated with petroleum ether, ethyl acetate, chloroform, n-butane and water (according to solvent polarity). The fractions of these two potent anti acne extracts were subjected to antimicrobial testing using serial dilution to ascertain the most effective anti method against P. acnes. The petroleum ether fraction showed the highest activity hence, it was charged into the column for its sub fractionation. Total five sub fractions were collected and further evaluated for anti P. acnes activity through disk diffusion method. Sub-fraction D showed the most potent activity (with zone of inhibition 26.0 and 32.0 mm at concentrations 1 mg/ml and10 mg/ml respectively) and was further fractionated using sub-column. Total six sub-fractions were collected and evaluated for their potential against P. acnes. The most potent sub-fraction (4) was

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