A Summary Of Richard Lawrence's Assassination

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On January 30th, 1835, Andrew Jackson was nearly assassinated. The assassinator, Richard Lawrence, was an house painter, and went up to Andrew Jackson as he left a funeral in the House chamber of the Capitol building. The Lawrence shot at him, and he missed the shot. Andrew Jackson was 67 years old at the time, confronted Richard, hitting Lawrence several times with his cane that he used for walking. During the battle, Lawrence managed to pull out a gun and shot at him, but it also missed. Andrew Jackson’s followers then tackled Richard Lawrence away from the president. This predicament left Andrew Jackson paranoid but unharmed. Lawrence was probably crazy, mentally unstable person. Andrew Jackson figured that Richard Lawrence had been told to do this by people of the Whig
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On January 30th, 1835, Andrew Jackson was nearly assassinated. In the weeks preceding the assassination attempt on President Andrew Jackson, Lawrence began stalking Andrew Jackson's movements. People later said that Richard Lawrence was seen sitting in his paint shop talking to himself about Andrew Jackson. On January 30, 1835, the day of the failed assassination, Richard Lawrence was seen by citizens sitting in his paint shop with a book in his hand, in doing this, he was laughing. Richard Lawrence got up all of a sudden and left the shop with a smile while saying the words, "I'll be damned if I don't do it.” On January 30, Andrew Jackson was at the funeral of the congressman of South Carolina, Warren R. Davis, at the United States Capitol building. Richard Lawrence planned originally to shoot and kill Andrew Jackson as he came into the service but Richard was not able to get close enough to Andrew Jackson.But when Andrew Jackson left the funeral, Richard Lawrence had found a place near a pillar at the Capitol on the East Portico where Jackson would be as he was leaving. As Andrew Jackson walked by, Richard Lawrence stepped out and shot his first gun at Andrew Jackson's back and it
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