A Summary Of Rural Life In Gulzar's Poetry?

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This paper explores rural scenario in Gulzar’s poetry who has won international recognition. Gulzar covers a vast range of poetry touching almost all the aspects. He has portrayed rural life in an excellent manner. Being born in a village he does not ignore even minor things regarding rural life. He loves rural life and likes the temperament of people who are kind, affectionate, brotherly, hospitable, harmonious etc. Keywords: Contemporary, progressive, hospitality, grievances, embedded, portray and treasure In the contemporary period writers mainly discuss about urban life. In literature there are few stories depicting villages. However, some writers are still engaged in villages discussing. So far as poetry is considered only a few writers have paid attention towards discussing rural life in their poetry. Writers involved with Progressive writer’s movement focussed to some extent on this aspect as majority of them belonged to villages. It was suggested by Ali Sardar Jafri not to ignore common masses in their writings. Among those writers Gulzar is one who is famous for his versatility and got international recognition due to his unique style and expression. Gulzar’s poetry too is filled with rural aspects like almost all films under his direction. As a keen observer of villages, Gulzar never turns his eyes away from the rural life as he himself was born in a village ‘Dina’ which is now in Pakistan. He is aware of all the rural aspects including culture, tradition,

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