A Summary Of Salicylic Acid

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Pre- lab preparation To perform this investigation, a number of the solutions were needed to be prepared in advance. The following is the preparation process - Preparing the stock solution-The stock solution of Salicylic acid needed to be prepared well in advance before the experiment began. To do so, 1.73g of Salicylic Acid was weighed using the weighing balance. After Salicylic acid was weighed, it was transferred to a standard flask of 100cm3 and, 100cm3 of pure Ethanol (C2H5OH), was poured into the standard flask that contained the Salicylic acid. Shaking the flask gently for C2H5OH and Salicylic acid to dissolve and then keeping it covered so that C2H5OH did not evaporate. Label the solution as SS (stock solution), 0.0125 mol dm-3. Concentration of Salicylic Acid Mass/(Molar Mass)=Concentration ×Volume ⇒1.732/138.121= Concentration ×100cm3 Therefore, Concentration=0.121 mol dm-3 Preparing the HCl of varying concentrations- Volume of water required to dilute- Cinitial× Vinitial= Cfinal× Vfinal 0.1×V =0.01 × 100 V = (0.01×100)/0.1=10 cm3 ⇒Vwater=100-10=90cm3 Preparing pH of 1-To do so, a volume of 1cm3 solution with a molarity of 0.1M was used. In the process of creating a pH solution of 1, the original concentration of HCl, which was 1cm3 and 0.1M was used for pH 1, and three samples of this concentrations were made. To make sure that the pH for each trial was the right pH, a pH probe was used. Hence, the original pH of HCl was 1.13. Preparation of increasing
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