A Summary Of Sandra Bland's Death

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Title: Current Event Analysis # 5 William Wilson IV-2nd Block-12/27/2015 Grand jury decides against indictments in Sandra Bland’s death Author: Dana Ford and Ed Payne News Source: CNN Date of News Story Publication: Wednesday, December 23, 2015 1. Sandra Bland 2. Sandra Bland’s death 3. Waller County Texas in the jail 4. This story was updated December 23, 2015 5. This story is important because when she went in her cell she was ok but later she was found dead. 6. Sandra’s family is affected because they have lost a loved one. They are looking for answers and now it seems that the jury has decided not to indict anyone. 7. Text to Text Connection: There is an article that discusses the lives of Kindra Chapman, Joyce Curnell, Ralkina Jones and Raynette Turner who were arrested by local authorities and found dead in their cells. These deaths are still under investigation. Kindra Chapman was found dead in her cell after allegedly stealing a cell phone and it was stated by the coroner it was a suicide.…show more content…
The main idea is that Sandra was accused of a traffic violation and later was found in her cell dead. Jury decided against the indictments of her death. The grand jury will reconvene in January to consider whether or not there is a connection with the case. Darrell Jordan is a special prosecutor on the case and he is working to find answers. 9. Fact: Sandra Bland is dead. Fact: Grand jury decided against indictments against Waller County Jail employees. Opinion: Sandra Bland was found dead in her cell. Opinion: Judge Terry that said that it is a rumor that Sandra was harmed when she was brought into the
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