A Summary Of Slave Belonging To The Butler Plantation

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March 3 was the saddest day ever for slaves belonging to the butler plantation. This day is called the day of tears. On this day around 400 hundred slaves were sold. It was the biggest slave auction ever. Among the slaves sold is Emma. Emma is the daughter of Mattie and will ad the caretaker of Sarah and Frances butler, the masters daughters. Emma wasn 't supposed to be sold like the other slaves. It was unexpected, but matser butler was a selfish man. When Mattie and Sarah found out about Emma the exacted some kind a revenge in their own way and they were justified for it. Mattie and master butler grew up together as children. Maddie even reveals that her mother nursed both of them at the same time. Matties husband will actually save master when he was a…show more content…
They were all “siblings”. So when the master, will, and the girls came back without Emma it broke mattie 's heart as she saw it as a betrayal. Master battler even promised that he wouldn 't sell ammo. Now if it was a different master, they wouldn 't have cared about a broken promise. But master butler was different. So it meant a lot to Mattie when he didn 't keep his promise. So as revenge Mattie spits into his food. “Run all you want, Master. God knows and I know: you done wrong this day and Satan is going to put you on the fire like you was pork ribs at a barbecue. (As Mattie spoons mashed potatoes from a pot into a serving bowl, she spits into the potatoes several times, then stirs them again. She spits into the gravy and stirs. Spit, stir. Spit, stir. Then, with a smile on her face, she begins carrying the food into the dining room.)” she also said that he hopes he burns
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