A Summary Of Sonny's Suicide

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Sonny woke up to the noise of a lady cutting his leg with a chainsaw. As the nightmare went away he got up and walked around his house thinking about what the dream could mean. As that faded from his mind he began remembering last night. He remembers Rita and he were talking about their future. She brought up the topic of marriage which he denied, saying that he was only thirty and still too young to settle down. However he still recounted why he was with her and whether marriage was worth a shot; he loved having sex with her, but at the same time he feels more emotionally attached to her, enough to consider marriage. A little later, Sonny was making his way to don Eliseo’s house for coffee and breakfast when he got a call from his aunt Delfina. She said that her daughter Gloria is dead and that is was murder. She asked Sonny to pick her up and to take her to Gloria’s house where she was found dead. He went to sit and think this through, he recounted his memories of Gloria. She had been the first girl he’d been with and he loved her very dearly for that. He then called Gloria’s husband Frank Dominic and told that he’d be coming by to see Gloria with Delfina. Frank quickly…show more content…
He attempts to break loose of his bonds with a knife the capturers left near him, but they came in at the last second to secure him. Thankfully before coming to the HQ Sonny let Rita know where he’d be and she was able to come and find him. Sonny fills her in on what he discovered while he was there. That the two witches were planning on sacrificing him to the sun at morning for the summer solstice, and that the reason they killed Gloria is because Gloria was actually part of the cult at one point and was on the run from them. When they found her they needed to keep her quiet so they killed her they same way they make sacrifices, they drain the blood and then carve the Zia sign on their
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