A Summary Of The European Knight And The Bushido Code

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The European knight and the Japanese samurai are two of the greatest soldiers in history. Both were strong, fierce, and brave warriors who were hired by lords to defend their lands. They also both lived by a code of honor which contained all of the warrior’s values and what was expected of them. Prepared from a very young age, samurai and knights were trained in many aspects such as combat, strategy, serving a lord, and honor above all else. When they entered their rank of either knight or samurai. Although very similar, the knight’s code of chivalry and the Samurai’s code of Bushido had many major differences and opposing views on certain obligations. Both warriors live by their respective codes which value bravery and service above all else. Each of them were dedicated to serving their earthly lord that hired them and to defend him and his land. The Samurai’s obligations were only to his lord, while the knight’s obligation was to his lord, his chosen lady, and his heavenly lord as well. The knight’s code also required him to show great humility. This was expected not only to his lord and lady, but everyone he encountered even his enemies. Rituals were also involved in both code, being more heavily influenced in Bushido. The aspect of the Bushido code is that if they ever retreated from battle, they would commit ritualistic suicide as a way to avoid dishonor and defeat. Samurais were trained to not fear death and that dying for their master was the greatest honor that was

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