A Summary Of The Five Civilized Tribes

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Five Civilized Tribes Many Indian nations have served a part in America 's history, specifically the five civilized tribes play the one of most important roles. These tribes overcame many challenges whether it be political, physical, or within the tribe itself. Over time the tribes have lost themselves and rebuilt completely, which helped them create a culture and a lifestyle. The five civilized tribes were moved from their homelands and faced many hardships along the way, but this only made them more determined, leading them to their success today. The Indian tribes that are referred to as the five civilized tribes are the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole. The term was applied by the white settlers during the colonial period (“Native Americans in Oklahoma”). The tribes were defined as civilized because of their lifestyle, which had many aspects of the settlers. Tribal government systems were much like the American system with a constitution, bicameral legislature, as well as judiciary court (“Five Civilized Tribes”). These tribes were also some of the first to to establish a school system, were they taught their individual languages and alphabets to the young members. Before the Indian Removal act, these tribes lived in the eastern part of the country. The Cherokee lived at the border of the Carolinas and Tennessee on both sides of the Appalachian mountains. Creek Indians had been divided into two tribes, the upper and lower, their members lived either

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