Halifax Explosion Case Study

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Halifax, 1917 A ship (IMO) floats in the distance, departing Halifax harbor, and headed south through the Narrows leaving Bedford Basin. Another vessel (Mont-Blanc) stocked with explosives anchors towards Bedford Basin. The Imo was intervening the east path of the Mont-Blanc, who later confirmed with officers, and due to bad reasoning, they are unable to prevent the collision, which ignites an explosion, erupting black smoke alongside thunderous windows that devastate the city of Halifax in minutes. Present Day Denise and Connor receive an alert that says Flynn has traveled to 1917, Halifax Harbour. Therefore, they call upon Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus. They identify that this was the year the Halifax Explosion happened, as it led to many bad but…show more content…
As they arrive, they know the mundane, overall plan: Wyatt tries to kill Flynn while also protecting history, Lucy preserves the history and leads the team, and Rufus holds a gun in his hand and watches from a harmless spot. All of sudden, they detect Flynn outside their time machine and realize what he is going to do: fire at it. But before they can escape, Flynn does fire towards the engine, however, Rufus shifts the position, therefore he fires at the window (which is bulletproof), and they…show more content…
As they tell Denise and Connor about the Halifax events, both of them are delighted that everyone is back in one piece. Stepping into the time machine again, Rufus is about to set the time. But Connor Mason also has controls to the machine, and he transfers it to 1989, the most important Rittenhouse meeting, and forces the ship to land inside of the building the meeting is held in. As the trio exits the time machine, they see a bunch of black man staring at them, and they feel something painful on top of their faces: Desflurane. In a matter of minutes, they are conscious, and a man stands before each one of them, in a separate room, and asks, “ What do you know about Rittenhouse

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