A Summary Of The Industrial Revolution In Emma Griffith's Liberty Dawn

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ldren, and women of the working class? In your answer, you must include her description of life before the Industrial Revolution and then the changes that were brought about for each group. Also, make sure to draw directly from the Griffin to support your answer. Emma Griffith’s Liberty Dawn is based on 350 autobiographies of various labouring people, mostly men. It gives us an insight of how the industrial revolution was experienced by the working class. Industrial Revolution was a major turning point in the lives of various men. Griffith says that the Industrial Revolution brought not only poverty and misery but it also indicates how it raised the earning, enhanced education, and offered energizing open doors for political activities. For…show more content…
. . long hours of unsatisfying labour under severe discipline for alien purposes.’ Here the writer shows that how the people were made to do overtime work under various poor conditions leading to ill health and various physical problems. And yet they were paid less wages. But later, after reading the autobiographies of people over the period one gets convinced that open doors for working men were far brighter in the mid nineteenth century than at any former minute. Before the industrial revolution, most of the people used to live in the countryside or in the villages. The majority of them used to work in cottage industries and grow their own food. There was no apparatus, and the individuals had a tendency to utilize their hands. In any case, as the Industrial Revolution advanced, there were various extraordinary changes. Aside for the improvement of apparatus, increment in effectiveness, and fast urbanization, numerous different things occurred. Roles in families started adjusting, working conditions changed, and diverse sorts of settlements rose. Cottage industries were soon replaced by
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