Industrial Revolution In Emma Griffith's Liberty Dawn

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ldren, and women of the working class? In your answer, you must include her description of life before the Industrial Revolution and then the changes that were brought about for each group. Also, make sure to draw directly from the Griffin to support your answer. Emma Griffith’s Liberty Dawn is based on 350 autobiographies of various labouring people, mostly men. It gives us an insight of how the industrial revolution was experienced by the working class. Industrial Revolution was a major turning point in the lives of various men. Griffith says that the Industrial Revolution brought not only poverty and misery but it also indicates how it raised the earning, enhanced education, and offered energizing open doors for political activities. For…show more content…
The factories had very poor infrastructure during that time and the only light present in the factories back then was sunlight. Also, various industries like coal industries used to hire children as their tiny hand could easily scrap out coal from the narrow openings from the mine walls. Then tobacco industries preferred children as their tiny hands were used to roll cigarettes properly. Poor families had always made the most of whatever employment opportunities existed for their children, and those living through the industrial revolution did no differently when presented with the same choice. Here the writer shows that how the poor families had no other option but to let their children go and work in order to fill their stomachs. Poor families usually think that more children mean more people to earn for the family but actually, more people mean more stomachs to be filled. This is the reason the families were left with no choice but to grab all the opportunities provided to them by the industrial revolution ignoring the fact that they have to go through all the tough times. Man, he wrote, ‘was intended to subdue the earth, and to take upon him the responsibilities of
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