A Summary Of The Movie Awakenings

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The movie Awakenings who was directed by Penny Marshal and lead by the actors Robert Denero and William Roberts, Robert Denero as Leonard Lowe and William Robert as Dr. Melcom Seyer. The book Awakenings the author is Oliver Sacks. The movie is about the doctor who applied in a hospital where he was assign in a ward full of catatonic patient. This paper will be presenting the curiosity of Dr. Seyer in order to find the cure of catatonic. The doctors in the movie where not dedicated to their work as much as Dr. Seyer. Dr. Seyer is passionate about his job. Dr. Seyer had done a heroic act. As a result, he gave the patients the experience to be able to see the world again. “Based on the true story of physician and neurologist Oliver Sacks, “Awakenings” chronicles the life of patients who were struck with encephalitis lethargica during and after World War I, in the 1920s and 30s…”(Buckley,2012). Buckley continue to say that the disease hits the brain that in 1920s was irreversible. The disease killed a lot of people and most people that had been affected with the disease had cause them to be paralyze or went to sleep for a long period of time. Dr. Seyer in the movie had become motivated because of what he had observe when he started working at the hospital. In one of the causes that Buckley had mention in the article, “– two are even known to have poked out their own eyes and pulled out all their teeth. The survivors eventually became immobilized and catatonic, with very little

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