A Summary Of The Movie Salma

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Race in the USA has always been a fight that lasted more than a 100 years. In the movie Lincoln, Spielberg portrays part of the struggle they faced, and the first milestone: The 13th amendment, which ended involuntary servitude and the civil war. Being the 16th president of the USA, he was eager to end the war and end the racial inequality that existed at the time. Similarly in the movie “Selma”, the fight for equality is still present as segregation existed before the civil rights act of 1964. Unfortunately even after the act was passed and Martin Luther King won the noble peace prize for the ban of segregation, people needed time to absorb the change especially in the southern states. While both movies share a lot in common, a lot of differences exist. Like “Lincoln”, Salma is about the procedures of political maneuvering that allowed the resulting deal. However in “Salma”, Negros play a more important role in getting their rights and the media has a bigger influence, as for Lincoln, it’s the white people who lead all the action. The movie “Lincoln” starts with 2 black union soldiers who share their exploits with the president. They’re also mentioning the pay inequalities between black and white soldiers. The scene is followed by 2 white man who try to recite Lincoln’s Gettysburg address but they forget how it ends, and it’s the black soldiers that end it. This helped us get a better understanding of the inequality at the time, and the struggles of being a Negro. On
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