A Summary Of The Poisonwood Bible

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Mackenzie Musser Miss Given English 11 Honors February 5, 2018 Response #3 Through The Poisonwood Bible, storytelling is presented in many different ways. In each chapter we were exposed to a different type of story from the next. Together they all make sense, but each and every single one of them are different in their own ways. The Poisonwood Bible really emphasizes the importance of storytelling, what is the purpose of memories if we aren’t going to share them? When going to Kongo the Price family is introduced to a whole other world, one of which storytelling is vital. Their beliefs are based off of stories that have been passed down by generation and generations. In the beginning of the novel, Orleanna dedicates the whole chapter for her daughter Ruth May. This is where she expresses her feelings, almost blaming herself for what happened to her daughter. She seeks forgiveness but also closure. She claims “I want you to find me innocent.” while wanting “you [Ruth May] to stop” because she feels haunted by her lost daughter’s presence and it has taken on a toll on her for far too long (Kingsolver 8). As we near the end of the story in book 7 “The Eyes in the Trees”, we see a connection in which Ruth May is responding to her mother. She puts to rest the fact that she is not haunting her, but merely looking over her family. She focuses on what her mother is struggling with and suggests “Mother, you can still hold on but forgive, forgive and give for long as long we

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