The Poisonwood Bible Chapter Analysis

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Mackenzie Musser
Miss Given
English 11 Honors
February 5, 2018

Response #3

Through The Poisonwood Bible, storytelling is presented in many different ways. In each chapter we were exposed to a different type of story from the next. Together they all make sense, but each and every single one of them are different in their own ways. The Poisonwood Bible really emphasizes the importance of storytelling, what is the purpose of memories if we aren’t going to share them? When going to Kongo the Price family is introduced to a whole other world, one of which storytelling is vital. Their beliefs are based off of stories that have been passed down by generation and generations. In the beginning of the novel, Orleanna dedicates the whole chapter for her
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I believe the significance of book 7 “The Eyes in the Trees” is to provide closure. As we are introduced into the novel we begin with Orleanna- who speaks the least out of all others- and close with the person she was speaking about. With the response provided by Ruth May it allows Orleanna’s thought and fears to be put at rest. In other words the story can finally be over since everyone has found their own peace. As a reader this chapter allows for puzzle pieces to fall into place. Along with the response the first chapter that Orleanna spoke to I believe the final chapter speaks to the readers and answers the questions that were running through the back of our minds. This novel can be read as a political AND religious allegory. Everyone in the Price family viewed their religion differently. They each interpreted things differently, and saw things that the others may not. Just like their point of views from a story, their religious beliefs (or motives) were different from the rest. Although they had these differences, they each eventually found a path that they chose off of events that shaped them in Kongo. Many would say that
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