A Summary Of The Red Jacket

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Before European influence reigned over the New World, indigenous peoples occupied and shared the western lands. Little blood shed took place among these tribes, and religion was never a topic that was debated. The Western World was a place of peace. However, that began to change when Europeans started arriving on Eastern Seaboard of what is now the United States. The arrival of these white, christian-proclaimed travelers led to much turmoil in the Americas. Much of what they preached amongst themselves, as well as to their “red brothers”, was not represented in their actions. Red Jacket, a Native American and member of the Seneca tribe, recognized this contrast in his new European neighbors. His speech directed to Jacob Cram at the beginning of the 19th century pinpointed the hypocrisy of early Christian colonists in what would become the United States. Christian missionaries had called for a meeting with Red Jacket and his brothers to extract their final decision on whether or not they would convert from their own, native way of religion. In short Red Jacket stated that the tribe would actually convert, as soon as the Europeans began displaying the behavior they had been preaching. In his speech Red Jacket made multiple references demeaning these Christian’s actions, including citing their greed, deceit, and self-contradiction. When Europeans first arrived in the Americas, Red Jacket speaks of how they were welcomed with open arms. Even though early colonists numbers

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