A Summary Of The Virginian And Blood Meridian

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“The Virginian” and “Blood Meridian” are novels about the Wild West and both aimed at deglamourising the frontier. For example, gunfights are very often depicted in Western films, but in fact “less than one third of victims died in exchanges of gunfire ”. The authors show that there is much more behind the idealised picture of cowboys, that it was a dark time when various means to achieve goals were used. Starting with the ideology of that time, when the Manifest Destiny was popular: the Americans were God’s chosen people and their destiny was “to establish on earth the moral dignity and salvation of man - the immutable truth and beneficence of God ”. That is why other nations such as Mexicans or Indians were considered as something that does not deserve God’s providence, and they could suffer or die, while the settlers moved further west. The reason was following: “to survive in the clean cattle country requires spirit of adventure, courage and self-sufficiency ” and “enlightenment is mostly a stay-at-home creature, who crosses neither ocean nor frontier3”. However, violence was also present among the Americans, such as in the conflict between cattle barons and homesteaders. To get more territory cattle thieves were used to make farmers to move further and to leave the place. For example, James Averell and Ella Watson were homesteaders and lived on the territory that ranchers considered as an open space, so after refusing to move they were lynched. All these factors such

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