Wonder By R J Palacio Summary

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Wonder by R.J. Palacio. I read Wonder by Palacio. Palacio is an American auteur. She lives in New York with her husband and their children. Wonder is a book about a young boy, August who had a cleft palate. He had twenty-seven surgeries since he was born and he’s eleven at the time of the history. The principal characters are August Pullman the boy with a cleft palate, his sister, Olivia Pullman of Via, their parents: Isabel and Nate, Summer and Jack Will, two friends of August. So, August, a boy of eleven years, has a cleft palate. At his birth the doctors thought that he’ll not survive because he was too small and with the many surgeries they though it. He was homeschooling with his mother for teacher so he never gone to school and he didn’t know how it is school. A day his father says that he can now go to school. His mother isn’t agreeing but he wanted to go to school. The August’s favorite day is Halloween because he can wear a mask and nobody sees his face…show more content…
They are in the same class for all of their lessons for Jack Will and only in the same English class for Summer. The meeting between August and Summer is a little bit particular. It was during the lunch. August was alone at a table when Summer came to sit with him. Their table became the “Summer table” because they have both names both with the summer. They have done a list with names of the people with a summer name who could sit on their table. With Jack will is a lot of different. For the first day of school August came in the school to see how it is school. He never gone to school. The school’s director asked for three future student of his school to come too meet August to speak and to explain on him how it is the school. Jack Will is one of them. This is their meeting. On the first day Mister Tushman, the school’s director, asked to him to be friend with August. But August learns it the day of Halloween and don’t want to be his friend
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