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ABOUT THE COMPANY Haldiram 's Food International Limited today, is recognized as a Star Export House, by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, Government of India. Haldiram 's has its roots established in 1937 in the form of a small retail Sweet & Namkeen shop in Bikaner, Rajasthan, a small but significant town in the Thar Desert. For the first time people heard of a factory that was operating to manufacture Sweets & Namkeens. A model plant of its times was set up at:- Haldiram 's House; 880, Small Factory Area, Wardhaman Nagar, Nagpur. In a very short span 'Haldiram ' developed into a brand and became an inseparable part of every occasion. This was followed by a chain of retail outlets & showrooms. The product lines were expanded to…show more content…
2) Variety of products and offerings: Its immense variety of products like namkeens, sweets and offerings in its restaurants of Indian snacks made Haldiram’s look distinguished from other food chains across the country 3) Packaging: From selling bhujiyas some 70 years ago in Bikaner, Haldiram 's was the first to lay emphasis on packaging and presentation of its ready-to-eat snacks. 4) Efficient supply chain: Haldiram’s efficient supply chain has surely helped Haldiram’s in maintaining its seamless services across the country. 5) Pricing: Haldiram’s has always tried to keep its products range affordable for its customers and mostly tried to target the middle class segment. 6) Trusted for quality: Haldiram’s has always been related to high quality products and services. This is one of the major factors which have helped Haldiram’s in earning the customers’ trust. 7) Their products are known among the most hygienic products available in this segment. 8) Their production processes are semi-automated and by using state of the art technology they have been able to increase the shelf life of…show more content…
3) Limited to Indian snacks: Haldiram’s is confined mainly to Indian snacks. Preferences and needs of the young generations are not met by this limitation. 4Ps: Pricing: Currently Haldiram’s offers its products at competitive prices so as to penetrate the huge market of namkeens and sweets: 1) To tap the rural market and also the needs of regular users who want snacks on the run Haldiram’s launched its new range of products in small packets of 30 grams. These products are priced as low as Rs 5. 2) Pricing varies on the basis of the type of namkeens and the raw materials used to manufacture it. At times pricing also varies on the basis of the packing. 3) Haldiram’s revised its prices only when there was a need for it and that too because of the steep increase in the raw materials cost or additional taxes. Place: Over the years Haldiram’s has developed a strong network to maintain a highly efficient distribution channel. Haldiram;s reach is confined not only to the Indian market. It is also successfully catering to the overseas markets including UK, Australia, Sri Lanka, UAE, Germany, Philippines, New Zealand, few EU

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