A Summary On King Makhado

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Tshinakaho Masia
Historical Investigation on King Makhado
a) A summary of evidence
Title: King Makhado: King Makhados triumphant battle against invaders
What were the challenges that King Makhado faced?
1) Constructing a collective memory: monuments commemorating warrior kings in limpopo province South Africa- by Mahunele Thotse December 2014 repository.up.co.za
This thesis is a neutral point of view on King Makhado. It explains the life of King Makhado and the battles that he fought to preserve his land heritage and authority. It also tells us about the invaders who were the voortrekkers and how they occupied some territories under Makhado.
This thesis is of value because it gives a good picture of how and why King Makhado was regarded as a King who led and protected his people as he fulfilled his responsibilities because he protected his people and his territories. This thesis enabled me to answer my research question as I was able to identify the strategies that the invaders used against Makhado. The thesis narrates Makhados story from childhood up until death as a King and how he organised his people around the voortrekkers.
2) Makhado Drives the Boers out of Venda- by iano82
October 29th, 2015 luonde.co.za This historical site is neutral. It describes how the Boers resolutely placed themselves under King
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