A Summary On The Devrat Of The Hidimba Devi Temple

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Early the next morning the crew set out with Shiva, a hotel guide, to look for the famed shaman, Devrat of the Hidimba Devi Temple. Shiva spoke nonstop. “The Hidimba Temple,” he explained, “was built in the 16th century in dedication to a powerful demon goddess, Hidimba. The Pandavas during their exile were attacked by the demon Hidimb. But the strongest Pandav, Bheem managed to slay the rakshasa and was thereafter duty-bound to wed Hidimb’s sister, Hidimba. However, when the Pandava’s exile came to an end, they left Manali, and Hidamba was left behind. She then, took to meditation, prayer, and penance and attained the status of a goddess.” “Wow! That’s quite a lady,” Shanks remarked. “Yes and Gur Devrat can invoke her by going into a trance and speaking in the Devi’s voice to her devotees. All Himachali shamans are called Gurs,” he explained as they reached the pagoda style Hadimba temple. “Is Devrat here now? Can we interview him?” Subhu asked. “Yes there he is. I will ask him,” Shiva replied, approaching an ordinary looking villager who sat picking his teeth, talking to a group of his fellow locals. “Devrat says that he will meet us in the cave near the Vashisth temple this evening. In the meanwhile you can film the Devi Temple,” Shiva suggested, leading them through intricately carved wooden doors into the three tiered temple, where a tall, brass image representing the Devi took centre stage and miniature stone carvings adorned the mud walls. One giant rock in a

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