A Summary: The Importance Of Job Satisfaction

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Importance of Job Satisfaction
In the organizational behavior researches, it is found that job satisfaction plays a positive role on both the employer and the employee. Importance of job satisfaction from these two interest groups are discussed below:
For the employer, if the organization gets a group of satisfied workers, it will enjoy a better turnover and productivity. The organization will have a goodwill and a mystique will be created. As a result, employee retention rate will be high resulting stability within the organization. Customer, client or citizen satisfaction will be ensured through a group of distinguished, self-esteemed and satisfied workers. Moreover, the organization will also be able to reach its ultimate targets, goals, vision and mission. This employee satisfaction is quite indispensable for the public organizations. If the employees, that is, public servants are not satisfied with their respective jobs, the organization and ultimately the nation as a whole will suffer.
For the employee,job satisfaction come up with many positive outcomes. If an individual is satisfied in his job, he will feel better in every sphere of his life. For job satisfaction, as a human being (if nota robot), one will be motivated to perform more. One will find the meaning of his profession. Job satisfaction will yield a better physical, mental and social life of an

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