Job Satisfaction Importance

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Importance of Job Satisfaction In the organizational behavior researches, it is found that job satisfaction plays a positive role on both the employer and the employee. Importance of job satisfaction from these two interest groups are discussed below: For the employer, if the organization gets a group of satisfied workers, it will enjoy a better turnover and productivity. The organization will have a goodwill and a mystique will be created. As a result, employee retention rate will be high resulting stability within the organization. Customer, client or citizen satisfaction will be ensured through a group of distinguished, self-esteemed and satisfied workers. Moreover, the organization…show more content…
If an individual is satisfied in his job, he will feel better in every sphere of his life. For job satisfaction, as a human being (if nota robot), one will be motivated to perform more. One will find the meaning of his profession. Job satisfaction will yield a better physical, mental and social life of an individual. The horizon of intellect will expand and love and passion for work as well as the organization will be closer. Altogether, these will result in better service delivery. Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction This part of the paper will discuss on the factors that are most important for job satisfaction. There are different angels of factors that may affect one’s job satisfaction. These could be social, financial, organizational or even emotional. However, the factors are discussed below: Career…show more content…
That is why, although we have the same organizational structure, codes and other rules and regulations, we experience differently in different workplaces. It is said that the work place is assumed good or bad mostly on this feature especially the relation between the boss and the subordinate. We frequently announce the job and its members as family. But hardly have we internalized it. For getting the best out of a job environment we should have better interpersonal relationship. Basically this feature plays the most vital role to be satisfied. Management Styles: Management Systems I-IV model of Rensis Likert shows that the participative management system yields the best efficiency out of an individual. We all are physically, mentally as well as socially sound. We all have a status in our working environment as well as in the society. So if the management becomes strict and unfriendly, performance and satisfaction levels will deteriorate. Truly if the management becomes open and less hierarchical with friendly attitude, I will feel satisfied (Chakrabarty & Chand, 2012). Equity and

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