A Swot: SWOT Analysis Of Pizza Hut

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A) Overview
Pizza Hut is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands and is the largest pizza company in the world. It has a variety of different pizzas, bases and toppings. Pizza Hut started 55 years ago in Wichita in Kansas and today it has developed into a global iconic brand which delivers more pizza, pasta and wings than any other restaurant in the world does. They provided the worlds first online purchase. This year, recorded on January 1st they had over 13,300 restaurants, 5500 of them being outside of the U.S. in around 88 different countries. They offer different ways of enjoying their food to cater for the different lifestyles of people, whether you want it delivered to you, express/carry out or dine-in, theres a restaurant format to suit all. In
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For example a SWOT of their Indian market would be that their strengths are, firstly, that they have a premium position in the customers mind because it was the first pizza franchise to come into India. They’re have better brand equity and promotions than competitors. It also has a great offline and online presence as they do home delivery and online ordering. One of their weaknesses is that people are starting to feel dissatisfied with the same pizza taste that’s been there for so long. An opportunity for them is that, although they have a large menu, there is always room for expansion and a threat for them is Dominos. They have high quality food and are present in places that Pizza Hut are not. Also the wide option of different fast food is a threat as well as people becoming more health conscious. Pizza Hut has to be aware of these things for them to thrive in this market. Therefore providing a SWOT analysis is very important and this is something other organisations can learn from (Marketing91.com). In Pizza Hut in India they decided to invest ahead of the curve so that they could expand more quickly as the country develops. They saw the huge potential that this country had and they decided to invest in the future of the company here which is something other organisations can learn from (Yum annual report). In China they had some problems with scandals regarding the safety of food because of bad suppliers so to tackle this problem they acquired their own distribution, transportation and logistics networks which allowed them to get their food in a way where they knew exactly how and where it was coming from. This give them a huge advantage over competitors and made them look better and more reliable in regards to food safety. This would be something a business could learn from and consider doing when planning to enter a new international market

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