A Synopsis Of Bones By Kathy Reichs

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This book by Kathy Reichs was the inspiration for FOX's TV series Bones. The book focuses on Temperance Brennan's childhood in the beginning and how she meets Evangeline Landry who goes missing a few years later. Now nearly 4 decades later Temp gets a new case involving a teens skeleton that makes her think of Evangeline. Hippolyte "Hippo" Gallant is the one that gives her this cold case, as the skeleton is referred to as "Hippo's Girl" throughout most of the book. Her past boyfriend, Ryan, is working another case involving missing girls that ran away to follow their dreams of acting/modeling. Temp focuses on these two cases mainly. Her sister, Harry, comes in to try and help her sister find her long lost best friend and sister, Obeline. They manage to find Obeline, and are told that her sister was murdered. Temp believes that Obeline's husband, Bastarche, is the one that killed Evangeline and the girls in Ryan's case. Obeline, everyone think that Bastarche abused her, killed herself, but the body isn't found. Harry goes off for unknown reasons and Temp is getting threats sent to her and gets pushed down stairs. It turns out that Bastarche's brother/ex-coworker was the one that was in charge of the who thing. …show more content…

The title also popped out at me. "Bones to Ashes"? What did that mean? Was fire involved in the murder, or was it a metaphor for what the book represents. The title is actually on of Evangeline's poems. I have never really watched Bones. The one time was for only two minutes because it came on right after Supernatural, but I have knowledge of what the show is about. I didn't realize that the book was the inspiration for Bones till a friend told me as we were discussing our book choices. But the discovery made me want to read the book a little

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