A Tale Of Two Stimuli Summary

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In “A Tale of Two Stimuli”, Barbara Sinclair talks about the 2008 and 2009 stimulus acts under President Bush and President Obama respectively. Sinclair talks about how Congress can pass legislation very quickly when they need to. Both the 2008 and 2009 stimuli needed to be passed quickly to prevent the US economy from collapsing. The 2008 stimulus package was passed in 11 days, but bypassed crucial workings within Congress. The bill was sent to the Ways and Means committee within the House, which then moved to suspend the rules and vote on the bill. There was debate over the bill, and many agreed that the bill was not perfect. However, the House believed the bill had to be passed without any more debate. It was passed and went to the Senate.…show more content…
The bill could pass so quickly because it bypassed multiple committees and debate on the bill. Any other bill would have taken longer to pass the House and the Senate, but may have been a better bill. The 2009 stimulus bill under Obama took longer to pass, but was overall a better bill. Partly this is due to when the bill started being written, shortly after Obama was elected. When the new Congress and President Obama were sworn in, the bill had already been created, it just had to be sent to the House and the Senate. It was introduced in the House and went to committee. The committees marked up the bills with their modifications. Some amendments failed to passed committee, but others, such as an expansion of medical technology improvements passed. After debate within the Rules Committee and debate over amendments, the bill eventually passed the House. It then went to the Senate, who also put the bill through committee. After going through committee, the Senate sent a conference report to the House for approval with amendments, which the House passed. The Senate voted on the bill the next day, passing it narrowly with the required 60 votes to waive the budget
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