A Tale Of Two Summers For Parents Analysis

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In the article “ A Tale of Two Summers for Parents” by Belinda Luscombe, she is giving her point whether she needs a babysitter or an a adult supervision. In this case, if a child is left alone without adult supervision the mother would be arrested. Even though the author disagrees of being arrested and living their children alone, I believe that a children that is under the age of 10 need adult supervision. Elementary students need supervision because it 's safe and it better in case of any emergency. Luscombe mentions that there was a “ 9 year old daughter in a park in North Augusta, for several of hours and she had a cell Phone”, No matter if the kid has a cell phone or the parent works close by, the child should not be left alone because…show more content…
In my personal experience, when my mom didn 't have money for a babysitter she would usually take us to my aunt or wouldn 't go to work for that day She would always find a way for my brother and I wouldn 't be alone. Their was a time where me and my mom had gone to pick up my little sister, there was lady that works on the stop sign and told us if we knew this little girl and this other lady had said that she was been walking from the corner and she had been lost so we told her, where she lives and we found her babysitter and she had left the little girl all alone in the house while the babysitter goes to the market. This isn 't a good babysitter because she left the girl alone, what would she have done is she didn 't see her in the house, this lady was irresponsible for leaving the girl alone. Luscombe said “Shanesha Taylor, who left two toddlers in a hot Arizona car for more than an hour”, these kind of cases make me sad and think how a mother can leave their children in a car. This mother is irresponsible because she had an interview for a job and left them there and she could 've easily take them with her and tell the person that she had to bring them because she doesn 't have anyone to supervise them and I 'm pretty sure that they would

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