A Tell-Tale Heart Insane

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A Tell Tale Heart A person suffering from his inner self can be found to indulge in inhumane actions in the story “A Tell Tale heart”. The author is suffering from different kinds of obsessions which he tries to hide from the audience in the story in order to prove his sanity. In most of the part of the story, Poe is trying to convince the readers that he is not insane. However, his actions and reactions to various things in the story shows his level of insanity. The author is trying to create a theme of horror by murdering one of the characters on the basis that he has got a vulture resembling eye. With different kinds of metaphors and imaginations, a Tell Tale heart is a story which can be interpreted differently by different kind of individuals.…show more content…
The use of lantern in the story indicates that it must have took place several decades ago. Apart from the setting in which the story takes place, the actions of the author in the story can also be found very vague. He gazes upon the old man for seven days before killing him in the eighth one. As a predator is found to gaze upon his prey carefully and plan meticulously before killing it, narrator also acts in a similar way. He observes the old man for seven days and plans every minute detail which he needs to consider before killing him. Ironically, the author loves the old man because he has never done anything wrong to the narrator. He wants to kill the old man as he wants to get rid of one of his eyes which he considers to be a threat to himself in his own imagination. With feeling of both love and hate towards the old man, narrator is creating a sadomasochism in the story. The narrator is found to shine a narrow beam of light through the lantern into the old man’s deadly eye every day for a whole week before finally killing him. In the end of the day, the setting sun shines narrow beams of light to indicate the ending of the day. Shining a narrow beam of light to old man’s eye can also be taken as a symbol of a setting sun in a similar way. After killing the old man the narrator feels a sensation of delight as the eye is never going to threaten him again. As delight craves eternity, the author doesn’t want his happiness to end which he gained after the
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